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November 2016


The thing is about a zombie apocalypse is that you never know when one is coming. However, certain sims are able to be more prepared for one than some of us. On a hypothetical situation that they all turn into humans, which sims do you think would be good for a zombie apocalypse? That is the question that will be answered in this week's countdown in the Top Ten Reality Show Sims You'd Want At Your Side In A Zombie Apocalypse.


Sim's Name:  Zander Foth
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: Abnormality
Reasoning: He believes that Katy Perry is going to cause a zombie apocalypse. Because of that, he must have some skills coming into a zombie apocalypse.


Sim's Name: Margaret Tick
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: The Locomotive
Reasoning: She got the area surrounding the stranding train Zombie-Shirley and Zombie-Taylor-free. We dunno how, but she pulled it off and that's something XD


Sim's Name: Evarrine Roland
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: The Mole
Reasoning: I know I know, villians normally don't help you to survive, but don't you know the sentence "The enemy of your enemie is your friend."? Same goes to Evarrine. As evil as she is, Evarrine is a powerful witch and could easily eliminate those zombies. Even Zander wanted to work with her against the Zombie Apocalypse he kept talking about with Rebecca because he thought she was Evarrine.


Sim's Name: Jelena Anastasya "Jelly" Petrova
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: Sims Reality All Stars
Reasoning: Even if the season she is in just recently aired, she has many qualities to offer. She is from a powerful vampire family tree and has inmortality herself. Next to this she is the Great Master of Sim-Fu and will take as much risks as possible to protect others just because she loves the adrenaline rush of it. And because Jelly is also a great cook she would most likely make cat food out of the zombies xD

Also At #7 (There Was A Tie Between Two People For #7/#6)


Sim's Name: KT
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: The Mole and SRAS

Reasoning: Reasoning: In a zombie apocalypse, your morale can be a bit low. However, KT is able to fix that as she can easily help out with the team's morale. Plus, she is not afraid to punch somebody if they upsetted a friend of hers and she won a bunch of competitions in the first season of Sims Reality All-Stars. In addition to that, she knows how to deal with zombies after she was nearly bitten by Zombie!Cassi.


Sim's Name: Olivia Anderson
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: Are You The One?
Reasoning: In every zombie apocalypse team you need someone that makes you smile and laugh, and Olivia is the right candidate for that job. As a professional Stand-Up Comedian she knows how to bring a crowd into a good mood when they had a hard day at work or at life. Also with her brave trait and her fairy powers she also wouldn't be useless on the battle field.


Sim's Name: Antoine Valentine
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: Sims Reality All Stars and the Mole
Reasoning: Like Jelly, he is an expert of martial arts but unlike Jelly, he dealt with an actual zombie as in Zombie!Cassi.


Sim's Name: Kaita Blake
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: The Mole
Reasoning: As a spy, she has a lot of intelligence which is needed for a zombie apocalypse and has a bunch of weapons on her side.


Sim's Name: HEALTH-E
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: Jetset
Reasoning: If you are heading into a zombie apocalypse, you need a medic. HEALTH-E is programmed with advanced medical techniques. In addition to lacking of brains due to his robotic form and you may program him back to life if he dies, then he will be a good person to have during a zombie apocalypse. Plus, you can always program him to learn battle techniques.


Sim's Name: Throvan Baequivis
Name of the Show(s) They Were In: The Mole
Reasoning: He is skill at shooting arrows so he knows combat techniques. Plus, you can see him attending to somebody's wounds so he knows some medical techniques as well.

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