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These scenes made us snort, laugh, and cry.... Okay, maybe not the latter, but they are all considered to be some of the most chuckle-inducing scenes of all time. 

And the most worthy scene of a literal "LOL", decided by the reality show community, goes to....


1) "Simon Is A What??"
(Abnormality: Season 4)

Skye: Who are you going to pick?
Chandrika: I'm gonna pick...
Simon: Me! She's gonna pick me because she cannot resist this body.
Chandrika: You're a gnome and I can.

Simon: Shut up! You frigid old bag!
Chandrika: I'm getting tired of this act Simon...
Simon: Fugly sl*t.

*Simon somehow runs off. Chandrika tries to catch up to him.*

Simon: Teehee!
Chandrika: He's outside!
Simon: Teehee, hahaha!

Chandrika: There you are cone head!
Simon: Come on, you caught me... give us a kiss!
Chandrika: I know what I am going to give you... the long deserved swim in the pool you need!

*Chandrika grabs hold of Simon's top... but then...*

Chandrika: Wait, but you're a guy right?
Simon: NO!

Simon: What are you doing?

*Chandrika picks Simon up and throws her in the pool. Chandrika runs for her life to the diary room.*

Skye: Wait... you're a girl Simon? AHHHHHHHHH!!!

*Skye runs off to tell the rest of the house.*

Simon: Didn't you guys know? Come on, I was hardly hiding these puppies!

Chandrika: HOLY MAHKAROHNI! I can't believe this! Simon is a WOMAN!!!
*Chandrika pants and gasps for several minutes.*
Chandrika: Oh my god... I can't believe it... How did nobody notice before?!

2) "The Drink From Hell"
(The Mole: Season 2)

 Max: "Alright, here you go! Here's my smoothie, hope you like it!"

GREY: "Thank you!"

GREY: "And remember, ALL 8 ingredients need to right in order to earn the 50 points for you and your partner. Alright, here we go..."

GREY: *drops glass* "Wha... What the hell is in this thing!?"
Max: "Um... Just some fish, and some onions, and some-"

GREY: "FISH?! ONIONS?! Oh no..."

GREY: "Uh... I don't feel so good..."

GREY: "...BLURGH!! ..."

*puking sounds*

Unfortunately, it seems as if we have ran into a technical problem! But don't worry, we will return after these short messages. 

Max: Life is in fact better with pets. This goes for humans along with us sims.

Taiha: If you want our lives to be better, then buy the Sims 3: Pets!

Max: You can have dogs and you can teach them tricks such as sit or play dead.

Taiha: You can have cats and you can teach them to collect bugs, birds, or even some reptiles. You can also use the Sims 3: Pets to kill dogs!
Max: What did you say?
Taiha: Um, nothing!

Max and Taiha: With the Sims 3: Pets, you can make the lives of us sims better! Go receive your copy of the Sims 3: Pets today!

  *         *         *

Camera Man: "And... We're back!!"
GREY: "No, no, I'm not ready yet!!"

*pukes some more*
Max: "Um... Sorry. My bad."

Taiha: "No, it's my bad!! I'm so sorry Grey, I shouldn't have put fish and onion in there! Can you forgive me?!"
GREY: "You-" *pukes* "-did this?!" *pukes again* "YOU SICK PIECE OF-!!" *barfs*

 *A few minutes later...*

GREY: "Okay... And NOW we're back! Sorry about that folks, seems like we had a glitch in our system or something... Does anyone have a piece of gum? I can still taste that fish... BLEH!"

3) "Alberto Gets NECKED!"
(The Mole: Season 3)

Evarrine: "Once I have successfully dominated this game and won my prize money, I will find a way to get to a portal that will be able to transport me back to my righteous land in Brendale. And then I'll be able to-"

Alberto: "Sorry to interrupt, but have you guys seen my towel?"

 Sara: "...Uhm..."

Shayne: "Dude... not cool."

Alberto: "What? Is there something wrong?"

 Aiden: "Hot diggity dog!! You're NECKED!!!"
Evarrine: "Necked? What is that? What's going on?"

 Shayne: "See for yourself..."

Evarrine: "I really don't understand what's- ... oh."


Evarrine: "How DARE you present yourself like this in my presence! I am the QUEEN for goodness sakes! I might not be the ruler of this household, but I deserve some respect!!!"
Sara: "Ah!! Turn around! I don't want to see that!!! Icky!!"

Aiden: "AHAHAHAHAHA!! Dis is TOO funneh!!"
Evarrine: "I told you to leave! Get out of my sight! NOW!"

 Alberto: "Nah. I think I'll stay, so you can all FEAST YOUR EYES!!"
Evarrine: "You little wart! I'll turn you into a toad, then you'll be sorry!"
Alberto: "Alright. Go ahead. Turn me into a toad. We're all waiting."

Evarrine: "Don't tempt me! I'll do it! I'll turn you into a worthless, ugly little toad and squish your brains out! Wait, did I say ugly? Honestly, I don't think I can turn you into anything more ugly than you are now... Being a toad would be an IMPROVEMENT!"

 Alberto: "Oh, my feelings are so hurt! How dare you offend my beauty?! Haven't heard that one before, you BITCH!"

Evarrine: "EXCUSE me?! What did you just say!? Take it back, you pathetic human! TAKE IT BACK NOW OR I'LL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT!"
Alberto: "...Will that be through magic, or... what? Cause I'd really prefer the magic way, quite honestly... Seems a bit fun, ya know?"

Aiden: "Woah, E'arrine... You migh' wanna calm down a bit..."

Alberto: "Ha! Make me!"
Evarrine: "Make me? MAKE you?! Oh, I sure as hell will make you, you damned fool! You're going to regret ever saying that! Come over here now so I can show you how easily I can just  

Sara: "So... How are you?"
Shayne: "Doing quite swell, thank you. And you?"
Sara: "Oh, I'm doing just fine, thanks. Getting a bit heated in here, but, you know. It's cool."
Shayne: "Yeah, definitely...."

 Alberto: "Oh! Look at that! I found my towel."

Alberto: "I'll just take this now and be on my way... Sorry for any inconvenience everyone! Though I'm sure it was very convenient for all of you to see my prized possessions! Haha, ohhhh..."

 Aiden: "I thinks it time to go, buddy."

 Sara: "Yes! Get out of here now, you disgusting troll! No one wanted to see any of that... junk."
Evarrine: "That's what I thought. You just walk away now. Don't try to fight me again, because you know you'll just lose."
Alberto: "Hehe, too funny! Such great entertainment making these people angry."

4) "Su's Seedy Sabotages"
(Abnormality: Season 2)

Su: I can't believe it's the HOH competition, and I can't compete. I've got a large target over my head this week for eliminating one of the base players of the game.

Su: However... Hmm... I got it! The HOH competition can't happen without contestants there can it? Perfect. What was that Su? *Su shakes her head* Su: What's wrong with me... I'm turning into that Autumn girl... Now think. How do you make sure people don't go to the HOH competition...

Su: You sabotage them... I need to get them away until the HOH competition finishes... then when no one is there, I will be HOH again! Su you are a smart cookie... I can't take out anyone in the bedroom yet... I'll have to go scouting.

Su: Haha, Snowflake! I guess your my first victim then. *Su gets out a bucket full of glue*
Su: This is perfect for sabotage! *Su puts the glue on the sheets. She see's a couple of cockroaches*
Su: They might come in handy later. *Su puts the cockroaches into the empty bucket*

Su: Who said cheating isn't fun? Oh yeah, my brother... pr*ck! ...Oh sh*t!

*Su hides behind the wall. Snowflake, comes out of the bedroom door and looks into the trees*
Su: Great... now how am I gonna get out of here? I'm trapped.

Su: She can't know it's me... it'll ruin everything. I have an idea... I think... *Su jumps over the wall and grabs something from behind the wall*

Snowflake: Oh... something's not right here... *Snowflake goes over to the wall*
Snowflake: Su, is that you?

Su: Erm... *Su tries to imitate the cow* Su: No young lady... I'm a cow! *Su shakes her head behind the cardboard cow and tree*

Snowflake: Are you sure? The last time I checked... cows don't have grey tracksuits on. Su: Erm... no, I just love grey tracksuits... it was just... sitting on the wall over here... so I took it and put it on.
Snowflake: Oh, I see.
Su: Good girl... now... erm... leave me to graze in peace... please.
Snowflake: Okay Mr. Cow. *Snowflake walks into the HOH shed* Su: Phew!

 Snowflake: What a beautiful cow! *Snowflake lays on the bed. She feels the glue and tries to peel herself off* Snowflake: I can't... move. I'm stuck!

Snowflake (Voice Over): Someone... help me please!
Su: Hehe... perfect. Part 1 of the plan is complete... Brent!!!

Brent: Have you seen Natalia, Su?
Su: I think I might have... can you do me a favor first though?
Brent: Um, sure!

Su: Well... I've been thinking about what Emma said... about being 'attractive', so I was gonna go into the sunbed.
Brent: Okay.
Su: But if I go into the sunbed, I won't have time to get my flossing kit from the locker in the bathroom.
Brent: Okay.
Su: So, could you get it for me while I get my tan.
Brent: Sure. The locker you say?
Su: Yeah.

Brent: One flossing kit coming up.
Su: Good. *Su smiles to herself* Brent: Do you need a key for the locker?
Su: Erm... I don't think so.
Brent: Okay.

*Brent opens the locker* Brent: There's no flossing kit in here. *The door slams shut. Su locks the door* Brent: Did you just lock me in here, Su?
Su: No.

Brent: The door isn't opening, it must be locked.
Su: Maybe it's jammed... I'll go get help.
Brent: Hurry up! Please.

*Su looks in the mirror. She puts the door key under the pirate ship* Su: Well... that was easier than I expected... Part 2 of my plan is complete... Oh, Natalia!!!

Natalia: ...Are you calling me fat? F*ck off.

Su: I'm not calling you fat. I just think you'll be a perfect person to try out my new snacks and drinks.
Natalia: What's in it for me?
Su: A perfect figure.

Natalia: Everyone knows that snacks are unhealthy though, why will I get a perfect figure?
Su: Because I've modified the snacks to be healthy. What d'ya say?

Natalia: Well... huh... I guess I could try a couple.
Su: That's it Natalia! You're being a team player now.

Su: Go on then... try some.
Natalia: What's in them?
Su: Cheese... Cinnamon and a lot of love.
Natalia: It has Brent in it then? You killed Brent didn't you.
Su: No I didn't... just eat it!

*Su goes under the bar and puts the cockroaches into the blending cup*

Su: So... what d'ya think?
Natalia: *takes some of the chips and eats them*

Natalia: They taste beautiful.
Su: See... I told you it was great.

*Natalia takes some more chips and eats them*

*Su blends some milk and the cockroaches together*
Natalia: What's in that?
Su: Milk, dark chocolate and a couple of... extra herbs.
Natalia: Look's like a chocolate milkshake.
Su: You could say that.

*Su pours the drinks into glasses*
Natalia: Mind if I take a glass then?
Su: Go ahead.

*Natalia stands up. Su sits in her seat. Natalia takes one of the glasses of the tray*

*Natalia smells the drink*
Natalia: It doesn't smell very nice.
Su: It doesn't... but that's the stuff that helps you.

*Natalia burps. Her stomach is rumbling too much*
Su: Sounds like you're hungry... have some more chips.
Natalia: What was in that drink?
Su: I told you what was in it...
Natalia: I'm gonna be sick.
Su: Oh no.

Natalia: Move b*tches!

*Natalia rushes to the bathroom*

Natalia: Move!!! I need the bathroom now! NOW, I TELL YOU!

Su: Hahahaha! I knew them cockroaches would come in handy eventually! Part 3 of my plan is complete... oh Alex!
Ziggy (Voice Over): Contestants! Can you all please make your way to the garden for the HOH competition?
Su: Already? Well, my plan wasn't a total success. But at least we got 3 people out of the way...

5) "The ZombieBand!"
(The Locomotive)

Steven (Voice Over): Everyone come in here, we're having a meeting!
Steven: I'm glad everyone made it- I mean it's not like you had anything else to do, right?
All: Haha.
Steven: Anyway, I'll let Ted continue... he was the one he asked you all to come here.
Ted: Right, here's our plan... we could escape... or we could do a musical number!

All: What?
Ted: Let's go into the lobby!

Ted: Are you all ready?
All: For our musical number? We don't even know the song...

(Please play song and continue reading. Try to follow with the pace of the song! You can change the lyrics if you want too to Jake's version which can be found here;

Ted: "I've got a theory, that it's a demon! A dancing demon? No, something isn't right there."

Cassi: "I've got a theory, some kid is dreaming, and we're all stuck inside his wacky Broadway nightmare."

Steven: "I've got a theory we should work this out!"
Scott: "No sh*t."

Cassi, Gladis and Margaret: "It's getting eerie, what's this cheery singing all about?"

Steven: "It could be witches! Some evil witches!"

Steven: "Which is ridiculous 'cause witches they were persecuted. Wicca good and love the earth and women power and I'll be over here."

Genevieve: "I've got a theory! It could be bunnies...

Margaret: "I've got a...

Genevieve: "Bunnies aren't just cute as everyone supposes."

Genevieve: "They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses!"

Genevieve: "And what's with all the carrots? Why do they need such good eyesight for anyway!"

Genevieve: "BUNNIES! Bunnies, it must be BUNNIES!!!"

All: ...

Genevieve: "Or maybe midgets!"

Cassi: "I've got a theory we should work this fast... Because it clearly could get serious before it's passed."

Gladis: "I've got a theory, It doesn't matter!"

Gladis: "What can't we face if we're together? What's in this place that we can't whether. Apocalypse? We've all been there. The same old trips, why should we care?"

All: "What can't we do if we get in it. We'll work it through within a minute. We'll have to try, we'll pay the price. It's do or die!"

Cassi: "Hey I've died twice!"

All: "What can't we face if we're together?"

Scott: "What can't we face?"

All: "What's in this place that we can't whether?"

Scott: "If we're together."

All: "There's nothing we can't face...

Genevieve: "Except for bunnies!"


Steven: Woo! That was fun... but seriously Ted, what are our options?

6) "Eat Glove!"

 (Taiha's Mini Mole: Season 2)

Mandi: Oh great. This top is getting a bit ragged. It might be time for a change of clothes. It just... Isn't working for me anymore.

Aaron: You got that right.
Mandi: Excuse me?

Clara: Ha! Looks fine. Don't mind him. He's just stirring up trouble.

Mandi: Hmpf. I reckon.

Aaron: What that's all you got to say?
Mandi: Why are you trying to start an argument?!
Aaron: I'm not trying to start anything. 

Clara: Yeah... it doesn't look like you've finished anything ever either.

Aaron: Who asked for your opinion?! Last time I checked, corpses are supposed to be in the grave!
Clara: Keep this up and you're going to be corpse! You little s***!

Mandi: Clara please. Don't fight idiot with idiot. You can't win an argument with a child. They just end up crying.

Aaron: What did you say?! WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Why don't you come over here and say it to my face?!
Mandi: I said you're an idiotic child who you can't fight against cause you don't want them to go off crying. In case you didn't hear me the first time.

Clara: Mandi. Hold up. You're so out of your league here.

Mandi: But aren't I the officer?

Clara: Listen here you little spoiled brat! If you don't start playing nice...

Aaron: What? If I don't play nice, what?! Are you gonna chuck a tantrum?!

Clara: NO! I'm gonna throw you off the f***ing balcony!

Aaron: Please. In order for you to do that. You'd have to fit through the bloody door!

Clara: Oh yeah?

Clara: EAT GLOVE B****!!!

Aaron: Ah! What the HELL!
Clara: Don't mess with me!

Mandi: This is getting out of hand...

 7) "The Syringe"
 Kain: "Mm-mmmmm.... This place is heaven..."

HEALTH-E: "I am not sure why this is heaven. It is not far up in the sky."
Kain: "Of course not. Heaven can also stand for a wonderful place on earth."
HEALTH-E: "Oh. I did not know that yet. Thank you for your share of knowledge."

HEALTH-E: "However, I do think that this is not heaven for me. The humidity in this place is nearly too high for my system to handle. I believe that I could better leave and meet you somewhere else."
Kain: "Oh, wait for me!"

*Kain jumps up from his sunbed and quickly follows HEALTH-E*
HEALTH-E: "Hmm, this room feels more comfortable to me. I am thinking we could continue our conversation in here."
Kain: "Phew. Great..."

HEALTH-E: "Well, I am suddenly reminded of an conversation I have had with Olive this afternoon."
Kain: "Yes? What did she tell?"
HEALTH-E: "Olive and I exchanged some information about the other players."

Kain: "Okay, fire it!"
HEALTH-E: "Activate emergency syringe! Fire!"

*HEALTH-E shoots out a syringe to Kain*

*Kain dodges the injection just in time*

Kain: "Whoa! What are you thinking?!"
HEALTH-E: "... Wait..."

HEALTH-E: "I think that I made a mistake somewhere."
Kain: "Okay Kain, count to 10, count to 10... Yup, you did... I meant that you needed to tell about your conversation with Olive."
HEALTH-E: "I am so sorry. I am programmed to inject a sedation when somebody says "Fire it"."

Kain: "Well... It might be better not to say that anymore then... Anyway, what did Olive tell you?"

8) "Dean's Fall"
(Taiha's Mini Mole: Season 2)

Dean: *gulp*

Dean: I don't think I can do this.

Clara: Hmph. Thought not.


Dean: I'm deadly afraid of heights...
Oh what the hell!
Here goes nothing!

Dean: Man I feel like I'm gonna faint!

Rob: Mandi I...


Dean: GASP!

Taiha: Oh ****. Oh ****. OH ****!!!!

Clara: Someone call an ambulance!

Taiha: OH ****!!! WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?!

Ava: Quick Ali whats the number for 000?!
Ali: 911?
Ava: Uh. I think so!

Chantelle: OMG DEAN!!!

Mandi: HOLY S*** DEAN!

Taiha: I am so done for! This show is definitely going to get cancelled!
Clara: Psst. Just delete the footage and we'll pretend nothing happened.

Ali: What do we do?!
Chantelle: Did anyone call the ambulance?!
Clara: Who has a shovel?
Camera Guy #1: **** this I'm out of here!!!
Camera Guy #2: RUN MAN RUN!!!

9) "Jammed Door"
(High Hopes)

Alexander: Okay, ideas for the week. I'm going with evicting Alice, we all saw how she was is the HoH comp. 
Thalia: Plus, she's restricted from competing in the HoH this week. 

Billie: Yeah, but then also look at Sebastian. He may be old, but he's strategic. You said he said he was better than everyone else, right? 
Thalia: He said he was in no way lacking of skills. 

Matthew: Come on, everybody, can't we see the real threat?
Billie: Who? Lacey? 
Matthew: Brock. He scored high in the HOH and won the POP. 

Thalia: Good thinking, but I'm sticking with either Alice or Sebastian, to be honest. 
Alexander: Uh...

*Alice climbs up the pole and hears them talking*
Alice: Oh! What a query I seem to be? 

Alice: Hey! Guys! Can I talk with you all? 
Alexander: Shit, shit, shit. 
Matthew: Shush. Lock the door. 

*Billie locks the door*
Billie: No-one's-
Matthew: Shut up.

Alice: Hey! I know your're in there. Let me in guys, this isn't nice. Uh, hello? Anyone. 
Alexander: Hey! Alice, come downstairs!
Thalia: Nice one. 
*Alice walks away*

Matthew: Phew. That was close, maybe we should talk about this later. 
Thalia: Yeah. 
Alexander: I agree, let's go have some dessert. 

*Alice hums to herself, staring at the cowplant*
Alice: What a divine slice of cake. Too bad I jammed that door back there. None for them. 

*Billie tries to open the door*
Billie: Guys, the door's stuck. 
Alexander: You're a girl, you don't push hard enough. 
Billie: I'll give you 'push hard enough'

*Billie tries harder to open the door*
Thalia: It's jammed. 
Matthew: Thanks for that. 
Billie: Calm down, I'll just get the spare key from the camera man. 
Tony, the Camera Man: Who said they gave me any keys to this building? 
All: Ugh. 

Matthew: Hey, let me try. 
Billie: Oh, cause if I can't do it, a guy must be able to. 
Matthew: I didn't mean it like that. 

Alice: I'm gonna go to bed soon. I'm getting kinda bored with this room. Not enough mushrooms. 
Alexander: Alice! Help! Call the ambulance! The firefighters! 
*she hums to herself* 
Alice: Was that Brock? Hmm. 

*She slides down the pole*

Alexander: Well this is just great. 
Thalia: Why doesn't the host just save us? 
Tiger: That''s me? Oh, I was just about to sleep, so I couldn't be bothered. 
Thalia: Caren? Marina? 
Caren and Marina: Sleeping! 

Matthew: The mind of these people. Guess we're stuck here for the night

 10) "The Drunkards"
(No Privacy: Season 8)
 Britney: PARTY!
Alice: Drinks?! Britney you know that’s dangerous!
Britney: Oh lighten up Alice!

Kenzen: Who made these drinks anyway?
Britney: Holland did, she used some old recipe that she claimed was from OVADAWEST!
Kenzen: Not you too!
Britney: Whoop, I guess the drinks kicking in!

Priscilla: Hey Mr. Doubley you wanna get down tonight?!
Mr. Doubley: Get down?
Snowden: Disgusting…

Holland: Come on Erdried, loosen up! Drink some!
Erdried: Thanks but, I don’t drink.
Chickadee: I would like some!
Carleigh: How did you even learn to make drinks Holland?
Holland: Oh, it something we do OVADAWEST!

Alice: I think you two had enough..
Kenzen: What’d you call me?! *burp*
Britney: *burp* You don’t talk to Ice Queen Goddess like that you peasant!
Alice: Too late!

Holland: Ugh, it is so hot! *wears a bathrobe!*
Carleigh: Woo! Go Holland!
Alabaster: Belle 2.0 over hear! Whoop!

Britney: Uhh, I kinda feel woozy..
Carleigh: Alright stop right there Brit…
Priscilla: I wanted to stay longer!
Carleigh: Yeah, but we need to keep an eye of Brit..

Holland: Ooh, so free! Goodbye clothes!
Alice: Good lord, what has become Holland!
Holland: Get bent!
Erdried: Holland please! If you wanna pose do it outside!
Holland: Alrighty! *burp*
Chickadee: Oooh, I see colors!

Britney: Carleigh your so beautiful!
Carleigh: Me?
Britney: Priscilla you’re such a *****!
Priscilla: I don’t care what you think about me…
Britney: Well then guess what, I don’t care what you think of me either..
Holland: Lalalalala!
Britney: Holland you look like a slut..

Alice: Britney, you drunk?
Britney: Excuse me?!
Alice: Your drunk!
Britney: I am not…
Alice: Yes you are, you can’t even look straight…

Britney: Yes I can Alice thank you very much!
Alice: No you can’t Britney, thank you very much!
Britney: Yeah go back to cleaning toilets, you ain’t going to find any gold in there you *****! *laughs*
Holland: Ho ho ho, I like this part of the movie!
Carleigh: It isn’t a movie!

Britney: Kenzen you little wuss..
Kenzen: No I don’t think so….*burp*
Holland: I’m heading up! Ahahahahaha!

Britney: You certainly are Kenzen! *burp* your a wuss, a wuss!
Kenzen: You blonde bimbo! *burp*
Britney: WUSS!
Kenzen: BIMBO!

Alabaster: Why did you locked the door Erdried?
Erdried: To make sure none of those drunks gets in here!
Mr. Doubley: Drunks?
Chickadee: I’m gonna lay down for a while… *hickup*
Snowden: Yeah you do that..

Holland: Erdried! Come join the party! Don’t lock yourself in your big old HOH room!

Britney: Little wuss!
Kenzen: Oh me, well you blonde brick yard bimbo!
Britney: *giggles* WUSS!
Kenzen: Don’t touch me…

Britney: Oooh, sensitive are we?!
Kenzen: Don’t touch me..

Kenzen: Yeah well, go back to your FACTORY WHERE YOU WERE MADE! *voice breaking*
Britney: Ahahaha! Your voice is! Ahahahaha!

Britney: WUSS! Shut your wussy mouth! GO BACK TO YOUR SUCKISH MAN *****!
Kenzen: BIMBO *****!

Chickadee: What’s all that screaming?! It’s making my head hurt!
Erdried: It’s just Britney and Holland having a drunk fight, just go back to sleep!
Alabaster: It appears that Holland is still outside!
Erdried: Ugh, why did I agreed to Britney!

 Holland: Open the door Erdried! I’ve got candy! TRICK OR TREAT! Silent night, holy night! *hickup*

Britney: Aww, I’m sorry Kenzen!
Kenzen: Me too, sorry Brit!
Priscilla: Wow, they made up that fast?
Carleigh: It was fun while it lasted!

Britney: Oh, the POP is now! I can’t compete! I’m drunk!
Priscilla: Glad you know!

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